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Different type of Loves Essential in Marriage

It is important to know that we all need love. Love is a crucial component when it comes to any kind of a relationship. Without love, there is the need to know that that the relationship is highly likely to succumb to entropy and mediocrity. When we are left on our own, dissipation is our natural course. On the other hand, when we choose to walk in Christ and let the Holy Spirit helps us, there is the need to know we love unnaturally. There are several types of loves and the highest one is the love known as agape. Discussed below are several forms of love that help in sustaining marriage relationship.

Epithumia is the first form of love. It is usually a Greek word which is known as desire. In a more negative meaning, it can be translated as “lust”. The positive translation is when it is called physical desire. Epithumia plays an important part in the marriage context where the physical union is natural and proper. In the book of Genesis, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife to become one flesh. This physical union is a description of something deeper, a soul connection that turns to a spiritual union for couples.s

The second kind of love is known as Eros The Greek word is translated to mean Erotic. It is the sensual love but it goes beyond the physical desires. There is that feeling of being occupied with one another when you are in erotic love. Such kind of love is found in the Song of Solomon where the woman says that they feel “sick with love”. When when this kind of love is important in marriage, it cannot sustain it in the long term.

Storge is the other kind of love you need to know. This is the kind of love that we have for our relatives simply because they are family. Storge offers a form of security and comfort from the outside world. In the Bible, Jesus displayed this kind of love when he gave his mother to john to take good care for her.

Phileo is the fourth human love that helps to sustain marriages. We need this love when we are concerned about our friends and companions. We need to know that we have a choice when it comes to Phileo as it describes our levels of maturity, interest, time and vision. There is the need to ensure that we choose a person we share common things even though not all when dating.

You need to understand about this type of lives that help in holding a marriage relationship. You need to know that Agape love is more crucial than the four though they are important.
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